About us

At the Growth and Regional Planning Administration (TRF) we seek to achieve a shared vision for the best way to manage and develop the unique assets and strengths of the Stockholm region. We work on regional planning and issues relating to regional growth and development in Stockholm County, on behalf of the Growth and Regional Planning Board (TRN), within Stockholm County Council.

We contribute towards the region’s development. Together with TRN, TRF is responsible for realising the vision and direction in accordance with the Regional Development Plan for the Stockholm Region, RUFS 2010. At present the Administration is working to produce the new regional development plan, RUFS 2050.

National collaboration

We work in close collaboration with the county’s 26 municipalities, the Stockholm County Association of Local Authorities (KSL), various governmental authorities such as the County Administrative Board, the Swedish Transport Administration and various stakeholder, educational and research institutions.

International collaboration

We collaborate with several international players in order to realise the vision of RUFS 2010 to become Europe’s most attractive metropolitan region. Our involvement in international collaboration is an integral element of our regional development planning work.